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Hi there! Thanks for visiting Images by Jami. I am Jami, I love documenting life. I think my husband would actually call my love for photography an obsession. Photography became a love once I started having children. I wanted to record their life, every milestone, every bump, bruise, and hug. I did not want the cookie cutter photography experience, it seemed forced. My husband bought me my first digital camera and I was hooked. I found as much as I liked documenting my families life I loved capturing the lives of families and friends. So in 2008 Images by Jami was born. 
“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.”  - Robert Frank
My job is to provide you with beautiful photos, but to do that I want to learn about you and your story. No more forced smiles. My goal is to make photo sessions enjoyable, even for the dads. I see it as a honor to be invited into your life,  and to spend time capturing the connection you share with your loved ones. I am here to serve you! Over the years I have learned what makes a treasured photograph, when lighting is best , how to shoot indoors and out, how to pose large wedding groups, how to make each bride and groom feel special on their wedding day, and how to create an enjoyable experience for all my clients. 
If you like what you see or have any questions, feel free to call, text, or email 801-636-0335 or jami@imagesbyjami.com


Have a wonderful day!