10 years ago I was given permission to get up after 4 weeks of bedrest. It had been a long pregnancy and I was so excited to be allowed out of bed and out of my house. I had been craving cheese fries and a Dr. Pepper. So my husband and I headed out on a date night. Well I was not even able to order my beloved cheese fries before I realized we needed to head to the hospital. A few hours later our cute Jarrett, our 3rd boy was born. I love him and the great young boy he has grown up to be. If you know him you will know he is everyone’s friend! He makes friends with anyone he meets. He is always up for an adventure and has no fear of anything. I thought it would be fitting to do his birthday shoot with his longboard. On the way up to the photo shoot I realized we forgot his helmet, so I was telling him he needed to be safe and not try anything to dangerous. He replied “mom, it is not fun unless it is dangerous” got to love having boys ūüôā Happy Birthday Jar Bear!







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