Ok so I will admit up front that I am a little bias toward this family. This is my cousin’s family, they just moved to Oregon and he is a new dentist in Oregon. While I was there for a visit they mentioned they needed some new family photos. I was thrilled when they asked me to take their photos. Their two little boys are super cute and they were up for tromping around a field and all my silly antics. Thanks guys! Oh and if you want to read a great blog, Liz writes an awesome one and she has quite the following. Warning large post ahead….



Ok I am trying some new processing and would love to know what others think of this kind of color wash?? like it? love it? or not? let me know! thanks!


Doesn’t this next one look like they belong in a Ralph Lauren ad?




Check out these cuties..



what about these eyelashes?


Oh and one more, I designed a wall for Travis and Liz so they could visualize their portraits on their wall. Do you like this? If you were a client would this help you see which and how many portraits you may want to purchase? thanks again for your help!



  • these are amazing jami! thank you again. we had a lot of fun…well, you know, until both boys had a breakdown! i can’t wait to get some printed.

  • LOVE the color wash…you are getting better and better all the time. Can’t wait for ours in the fall!

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