Two weeks ago I was honored to run my first charity event. I was raising money for the Luckyhill orphanage in Ghana. I had help from my wonderful and amazing friends Jess and Amy. (Amy is in the process of adopting form this orphanage, there have been a few snags in the process-please keep her in your prayers) We raised over $1200 in one day to help feed the kiddos at the orphanage. Each meal of rice and beans cost .30 cents per child, so this money should go a long way to help the children. Here are a few (sorry I can’t put them all up) of the cute kids who came to have their pictures taken. Thank you to the parents who donated to the cause. A HUGE thank you to Four Chairs Furniture for hosting this event, none of this would have been possible with out them. If you need some rockin’ furniture please check them out…they were also on Good Things Utah this morning! Thanks Lindy!

This is Jess’ super adorable little boy, I love taking pics of little “A”

One of the families that brought their kids in for photos had actually adopted this cute girl from Luckyhill- how cute is she ūüôā












  • OH MY GOSH! Efia looks so beautiful, and you really captured her sassy little self. THANK YOU!
    I’m just in tears here. Her first portrait, and it is SO perfect! You are a genius, Jami.

  • Jami they are just adorable. I don’t know who the kids are but I just love the little girl in the pink striped sweater and Max. That is so Max. I was his teacher for a year and he still looks at me like that, like he is not sure or doesn’t trust me! Some kids are just more cute than others, just like adults.

  • Oh and the cutie with the big blue eyes and the brown sweater! Adorable. I am not even the grandmother!!

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