Wow where did the last 8 weeks go? My life has had many twist and turns as of late. I know I have been difficult to reach and I apologize. I really want to provide amazing customer service and I know I have been lacking… please know I am trying. Everyone has been so patient and nice. I have the best clients, friends, and family!!! We are running out the door as I type this, to try to get in a little vacation. So I will have email on my phone and internet on some days (to process orders and such).

Next photo class.. This Is It for 2010 (next classes will not be until 2011)

Photo Boot Camp –
August 14th 10am-7pm (or until we are done shooting) Lindon Utah
Learn all about manual controls, lighting, finding locations, some photoshop
The class is $160, but if you register/pay before June 30th you can pay only $140. Just pay through PayPal to the email and put Aug 14th class in the comment section. The class is 10am-7pm with 10-6pm in class room learning and 6pm-7pm shooting with models. It also includes snacks and a catered lunch. Bring your camera and a laptop (if you have one) with Photoshop on it (download for free at and a notebook.

If you are a previous 101 or 102 student and would like to come as a refresher class (and I promise you will learn new stuff) the class is only $75 if you pay by June 30th- after that the class will be $95

If you get a friend to sign up you will get $20 refunded back into your PayPal account- this too is only good until June 30th (have them put in their comment section in PayPal that they are “so and so” friend)

You guys are great! Can’t wait to meet so many of you!

And because every post needs a picture, here are some bridals I took on a VERY cold cold day in December..brrr. Thank goodness for summer!

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