Happy one week anniversary to this cute couple. Ted and Caroline love each other and I loved watching their families come together and share in that love. They are both the youngest in their families, so it was a big celebration. Caroline shared a small part of their love story……

Ted and I met at our ward’s first big activity at Rock Canyon Park. As my roommates and I were walking down the hill to get to the activity we saw these guys kicking a soccer ball around and asked them if we could join. Then we started a pick up soccer game and my team kicked Ted’s team’s trash!

The next day I found out that Ted was my home teacher (I know, typical Provo story haha). I started to hang out with Ted and his roommates, Chase, Bryson, and Mike alot. Ted would invite me to things because it was his home teaching duty. We would play pick up soccer a lot. I actually went on a group date with Ted but Ted’s roommate, Chase, was my date. Ted, might I also say, liked my roommate and I totally knew it. So, I was surprised when after the group date he called me to ask me on a date. After that, we hung out everyday, watching basketball, The Walking Dead, or playing soccer.

I think we went on two more dates before we were official in November. It was only three dates total, but we saw each other most everyday in between .

So sweet! The wedding took place at the Salt Lake LDS Temple, followed by lots of photos, and then a small dinner reception at the Alta Club in downtown Salt Lake.

Her mother in law made the bridal gown- it was gorgeous, my pictures don’t do it justice. The florals were done by Every Blooming Thing












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