Ok business wise that is probably not the best title to have on a photo biz blog, but you have to read “the rest of the story” (sorry grew up listening to Paul Harvey-good day!)

I was taking my son’s team photos and the boys were all in line to get their own photo taken. I turn around as one boy is asking “can I hold the bat like this” he lifts it up and gives a very light swing into “J’s” mouth. I saw the whole thing and new he was not hurt that bad, but boy did it look like there was damage. Of course being the loser mom that I am my first thought was to grab a camera (my husband’s voice in my head “put the camera down-help your son!) So we got some ice, gave hugs to the poor boy who hit him, and then went back to taking photos.  Just another adventure in our crazy life.   How sad is this picture….but look he actually let me finally take a baseball pic of him- check out the rainbow. Oh did I mention we did all this in a thunderstorm…


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