Here are two of my most favorite girls. Their mom happens to be one of my best friends. (Girls you know the type of friend that when you get on the phone with each other your hubby’s roll their eyes because they know it will be a loud and long conversation, or the type of friend that will show up wearing the same watch, hat, etc because you have the exact same taste in fashion, or the type of friend who when you need to go to the ER in the middle of the night you can text her and she will doing anything she can to help you, or the friend that you have already pre arranged the marriage of her daughters with your sons ūüôā These girls got to spend some time with me this fall when their parents went out of town. They are the cutest girls, not twins but almost exactly a year apart. They are girlie girls and they always say the funniest things. (some of which I can’t repeat, ūüôā One night I asked them what they would want for breakfast the next day, they said “uh how about a buffet?” I told Miss C that if she married one of my boys she gets free photography for life. She told her mom “let me get this right? FREE photos for life!” Miss C LOVES to have her photo taken, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she replied “A Supermodel” So funny, it just makes my day to get to spend time with these cuties. Here are a few of their photos from their photo session this last fall.









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