It is that time of year, time for fall family photos. The question I get asked most is what should I wear. So ta-da! I am here to help you. I have put together a few style guides to give you inspiration when you are planning what to wear for those gorgeous family photos. A couple of tips..I think it is a good ideas to stay with three colors, but then pull in different patterns and textures. I think long sleeves look best (even though some of these photos have short sleeves in them). Dress like you live, dress to show your personality. Do you walk around in your real life all dressed in black matching shirts and jeans? Then don’t dress that way for your photos 🙂 (I admit i have photos from the ’90’s where we are all wearing black shirts 🙂 I hope these style guides inspire you. I am always available to help my clients pick out their clothing, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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