…and spend time with your family. Sometimes I think that is what my family thinks during my busy season. So I put the computer down (but not the blackberry) It was a great break. Sorry I have not put anything on the blog, I have so much I need to blog. I know some of you are thinking..is she ever going to blog my session. Yep, just might be a little while.

So I do miss taking photos when I take a break, just don’t miss editing. So yesterday I got together with some of my favorite photographers. We all met at a photography workshop a year ago. These gals are awesome, talented, and I truly admire all of them! I had a client who needed some maternity photos (she is 33 weeks pregnant in these photos..wow!) She was up for anything, including having 5 photographers stick their cameras in her face while it is freezing cold outside. We went to an old, stinky, abandon house for some fun photos. Thanks Michelle for putting up with us. And thanks Jess, Jena, Steph, and Bev– I love you guys!

Michelle here is a quick look at a few of them, there is more to come. I can’t wait to meet your little guy in a few weeks.







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