Ok everyone I have a date, time and place for the Photo 101 class. First the details… January 30, 2010 12noon-4pm Draper, Utah $80

What do you get for your money? so glad you asked… Did you buy a SLR camera to take better photos, but have then gone to a dance recital, soccer game, or any other big event only to be disappointed with how your photos turned out? Well lets fix that in this class! We will go over how to use your digital SLR camera in Manual mode (this means you set all the controls, aperature, shutter speed, and iso level) You will learn how these three things work together to give you amazing photos in any situation. Once you have that down, we will go over real life situations and how you would set your controls to get the best photos. Then the last hour of the class we will go to a location in Draper and I will have some models and we will practice what you have learned. This is the best way to really learn how to use your camera. It is to practice, practice, practice. Included with the class will be a chance to email me your photos and I will critique them for you and offer pointers to improve your photos.

Yes you can give this class as a gift!

The class is limited to 15 partcipants (I will add an extra date if I have enough interest)
You will not be confirmed in the class until you send your payment via PayPal to skyphoto@afconnect.com
Any questions you can email me directly at jami@imagesbyjami.com or leave a question in the comment section.

This will be fun!


  • I Love your work and I am exactly the person you are talking about with my camera. I would LOVE to do this … I will get back to you.

    ps have you considered trade? just curious. Did I mention I think your work is beautiful.

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