So this is the third friend who lived with me in the dorms at BYU that I have taken photos of in the past month. (pardon my grammar, my husband has already told me how awful it is, but you try blogging with a two yr old on your lap ūüôā It has been so fun to reconnect with these ladies through facebook, blogging, etc. Wendy and I reconnected when I went down to visit my sister in Mesa last January. We met for lunch and it was like old times, like it hadn’t even been 16 years. Last month I was down in Arizona visiting my sister and her new baby (that post is coming soon, thanks for your patience Beth) and Wendy asked me to do her family photos this year. We went to old town Gilbert and had a great photo shoot. I will probably make one more trip down to Arizona before my sister moves out of state in June, if you live in AZ and am intersted in photos please leave a comment in the comment section and I will get in contact with you. Thanks Wendy.. I adore your family!

This was the first shot of the session.. he was a little shy, but then he warmed up to this crazy goofy stranger with a camera.





You two are smokin’ hot!




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