Ok if you read this blog regularly or know anything about me it is that I am a self proclaimed “dork” So I just made up TGFF..what does that stand for, well in my little brain it stands for “Thank Goodness for Facebook” I started “facebooking” only 6 months ago and it has been an absolute blast reconnecting with old friends. I mentioned on FB I would be traveling to Oregon to see family and one of my “old friends” (Hey Kris we aren’t really old!) asked if I would take her family photos. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, well come to find out we have boys with the same names and she works with my aunt- super small world or SSW if you like. She has this beautiful farm only a mile from the home she grew up in. Just driving to her home brought back memories of us driving those country roads listening to Garth Brooks and chatting non stop. Anywho, I know Kris is waiting to see her photos..thanks for the trip down memory lane and the fun evening on your farm. Good times!



I loved the colors, but for some reason the black and whites really appealed to me as I went through the photos… what do you think?





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