Ok so I get this question often…how do you do it all? Well my secret is my assistant ūüôā He is one, does not like to sleep, ignores TV but loves music, and makes me laugh. Here are some pics of him “assisting” me.

He is great at emptying trash bins no matter how high.
He can make a photo copy

He can block anything on the Internet

He does windows

also toilets (yes we sanitized after this)

he will re organize your sippy cup drawer

He can get his own snacks

The best thing is he can do ALL these things in less than 10 minutes- he is very fast! Ok there my secret is out, so to all you moms out there- get an assistant! wink ūüôā

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  • My assistant helps me by dumping water all oer the floor at least 3 times a day…my floors are never dirty:)

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