I met Tricia our freshmen year at BYU back in 1991- man we are old Tricia. She has a love for life and for everyone she meets, it is so genuine. At the end of our freshmen year we decided to find an apartment together and be roomies our second year. (this is where I could insert some crazy embarrassing photos- just think two thin girls with dark curly and very BIG hair, like crazy BIG) Tricia and the other two roommates had to put up with me- I am so sorry Tricia, Jen, and Heather. I was literally so messy, went to bed early and did not like lots of noise. No longer messy (most of the time) going to be early- YES! Anyway I was engaged by the end of my Sophomore year, and I asked Tricia sang at my wedding, she has the most beautiful voice!

I went on with married life and finishing my degree. Tricia served and LDS mission and came back after 18 months and married Brandon. And then we were both in the middle of having babies and finishing school at BYU. I love that whenever we are apart when we see each other again it is like time has not gone by.

Fast forward to now, she has 7 kids lives up in the mountains and home schools  her kids and cans food, sews her girls dresses…in short she is amazing. I have 5 boys and are thrilled when Monday roles around and they all go to school, I buy things in cans, and got a “C” in jr high sewing-not so amazing. We both have boys out serving LDS mission, and I think we see each other the most at soccer tournaments. Thanks Tricia for being such a wonderful friend and a great example of motherhood and Christlike service. (oh and hiring me to do your photos each year) LOVE you!





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