A while ago I was able to travel down to Mesa Arizona to visit my sisters. It was a super short visit, but I was so glad I got to see them. Of course we had to do a few photo sessions. I have never blogged them, but I loved the photos and of course I LOVE my sisters or “sistas”. When you see these you will probably think, boy she looks nothing like her sisters. Yep I am the only dark hair, dark eyed gal of the group. All 6 of my siblings have light hair, skin, and eyes. Yet as you will see my new neice looks a little like me with her dark hair. Can you believe that hair?




Look at these eyelashes!


and this thick hair!


and this smile! Melts my heart *sigh*



  • Oh Jami! These photos are awesome! You look gorgeous and it is fun seeing your sisters too. I could just eat that sweet baby up – Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Seriously Jami – You are officially my most favorite photographer! Love ya! –Wendy

  • came here from tricia’s blog.
    don’t know you or the subjects….
    but can i just say….
    that baby’s hair…oh, my
    not sure i’ve ever seen anything like it
    absolutely beautiful!

  • Thanks guys, that is a huge compliment Wendy ūüôā you are so kind. Hey my sister’s husband got his residency in AZ for oral surgery, which means they are not moving. So I can come down and photograph you every year!! So excited they are staying there and not going to TN.

  • I love the pics Jami! You are awesome. I get complements all the time about how great your pictures are. Thanks Jami!! Hopefully we will see you soon!!

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