Where has summer gone? It is always a crazy time of year for us. The boys are busy with their soccer teams, band practices, and we have 4 birthdays in the summer. I have two boys who have birthdays in the same week- we did not plan that, they were both born prematurely. Anyhow, trying to throw 2 birthday parties in the same week always seems to blow up in my face every year. No matter how much planning I do…and I always end up feeling like I failed as a mom. Two years ago both of my birthday boys ended up in the hospital on the same day on my 4th boys actual birthday..read about that here (one of my most read post)

Last year my youngest was turning 5 and I had great plans to do a superhero party. With a photo booth (of course) not just any photo booth…a pintrest worthy photo booth. Yes this was the time I became addicted to Pintrest. I had the whole party planned out on a pintrest board! It was going to be Ahhhhhh…mazing! But then ….life happened! And we just had a quiet family party and he loved it just the same. You would think I learned my lesson…but nope. I was holding on to the idea of having another amazing Pintrest inspired birthday party for my youngest’s 6th birthday.  His birthday came and went, but I promised a party with his friends. But dang it, life kept happening, things kept coming up, July is hard!! So I set a date and gave myself a deadline, the night before the party I found myself wondering the Party City store, I had given up on the idea of an ahhhhhmazing Pintrest party. But here is what I learned…my boys don’t care!! Moms, why do we do this to our self. I applaud the mom who is the diy’er who can throw parties that are ahhhhmazing and I am not putting them down. But right now in this time of my life I have to stop being a “wanna be Pinterest” mom. Don’t get  me wrong, I will still be on pintrest, I love the inspiration of chore charts, recipes, easy exercise routines- that are so much fun to look at and say “that is a good idea” but that I will probably never do. It is ok!! Moms it is ok! I also admit I am not the best writer, I have pinned plenty writing tutorials:) someday….for now I will read that extra book to the boys or stay up late chatting with my teenagers.

So what did I do for the party…well I wandered up the aisles at Party City. I found a Green Lantern inspired trinkets and party supplies..the best part they were all on clearance! Score! He loves Green Lantern! He also wanted the party to be a swim/splash party using our new “pool” (you can see it on my instagram feed .. imagesbyjami) and a slip and slide and white cupcakes. So this is what followed…the best part, Mitch told me it was his best party ever!! Score 1 for this mom! 🙂 What do you think? Leave your comments below, I would love to know  how other moms feel?


We still had a photo booth..just used a pre made banner and masks and some shade and our white fence! Good enough!


The store was out of slip n slides..so a tarp and sprinkler worked great! Then the boys used water guns to shoot down empty pop cans, if they shot one down they got to shoot my hubby in the face! Since I was putting this together the night before, I needed white cupcakes, the only ones I could find where ones with Skylander rings on them.. the boys loved them and did not care one bit that it did not go along with the theme! Score again! Is this different for girls, do they care more?


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