Almost 11 years ago we had decided it was time to move, our little family that included 3 boys under 6 needed a better laid out home with a bigger yard for their ninjas wars. We found one and as we moved in one night I saw our new neighbors next door, it looked they had a 16 yr old daughter. Turns out she was the mom (and she was not 16, only a few years younger then me). It also turns out we hit the “great neighbor gold mine” We bonded instantly, and if something happens we will always be there for one another. Since that move in day we have had 6 babies come to our two homes. We have had multiple dogs (neither of us our awesome with dogs..inside joke), we both have had boats and used them together, gone on trips together, and Brady is awesome at killing hornets that have gotten inside my house (I have a very very severe phobia of hornets..something about the legs that dangle down and that they sting you). And Sarah and Brady’s oldest and my second oldest have been best friends since the day we moved in, despite a nearly 12 inch height differential:)

Sarah is also very talented check out her website and blog.

I also asked them for 10 things about their family
1. We are all night owls
2.The name Heiner is from German descent
3.We love rummikube and apples to apples
4.We are Mormon
5.Our favorite vacation spot is Hawaii and can’t wait to get back
6.Family Quote “If you dont stand for something you’ll fall for anything”
7.Family Motto “Keep moving forward”
8.We love music and singing (and I will add they are very talented singers)
9.We love sports and fitness
10.Favorite TV show is Americas Funniest Video.

Hope you like your photos

And we are done!


  • I LOVE these pics! I remember when they only had a couple little ones and we would jump on the trampoline. Sarah still has the most amazing hair ever! ūüôā Love the royal and red

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