I often get the question, do you photograph weddings? My answer… I do (ha, ha:) but only as a “second photographer” That means I work for other wedding photographers to get “candids” or extra shots. I love it, I get to be creative and I don’t have to be the one ordering large groups of people around. A few weeks ago I was able to travel to Vegas to shoot a wedding with Lindsey Hale Photography. I was honored to be at this wedding. The groom is a veteran of the Afghanistan war, he came back wounded. Becca met him after he returned home. They have a great story, a huge supportive family, and had a beautiful wedding. Here are some highlights…

did I mention it was a “Texas themed wedding” as a former farm girl- I loved the whole feel of the wedding

This was taken as the bride walked down the aisle, I love how the best man put his hand on the groom’s shoulder


shouldn’t this next one be an ad for an orthodontist? perfect teeth!

Absolute favorite photo of the day!

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