Last night was a crazy night, nothing new for me, I guess I should expect the unexpected! It started out great, I was taking photos for my dear friend Tricia (check out her blog..she really is a “supermom” great friend, former college roomate, and the one who encouraged me to start teaching my photography classes) and her cute family. I had found a perfect new “secret” location, the light was beautiful, Tricia had styled her family perfectly…. the stars had aligned… well you get the idea. This is how perfect it was…this was the very first photo I shot… her six kids were perfect angels!

Then in the middle of the shoot I get a call from my husband…he never calls unless it really is an emergency. He had badly burned the palm of his hand and I needed to get him to the instacare. We quickly finished the photos..because Tricia’s family was so well behaved and made my job super easy. Got my hubby to the instacare and sure enough he had second degree burns covering most of the palm of his hand. The pain seemed to overwhelm him as they cut the blisters open to clean out the wounds, I thought he was going to pass out. The cream they use to put on burns happens to be sulfur based, which he is allergic to, so he could not get the relief on his hands from the other type of cream. They cleaned dried, and wrapped his hand up, gave him a prescription for some pain medication to take with lots and lots of Motrin. I spent the night playing nurse, getting him new ice packs, and staying on top of his medications all night long. And by some miracle his hand looked so much better by 7 am this morning. He was told it would take weeks for his hand to heal. Yet he was able to re bandage his hand and head out the door just with motrin and go to work. Really a miracle. And just another chapter in my family’s crazy yet very blessed life.

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