So I have taken a little time off from blogging. We have had some serious sickness at my house (I will spare you the details 🙂 It is also spring break here and I have been spending some extra time with my kiddos. Here is a quick little look into my crazy very blessed life. A few days ago I looked at my two year old and realized it had been a while since I took his photos. I remebered one of my reasons of getting into photography was to not miss a minute of my little ones growing up, I want to record every second (I know that is not possible but hey you have to set goals, right?) Well… ahhhh the mom guilt hit! It rolled over me like a giant truck (you know the ones you see at Kennecot mine) After a few tears were shed, I picked myself up and wiped off the guilt and did something about it. So here are some pics from my impromtu photo shoot. The only ones home were the dog (aka boy #6) and my baby (aka boy #5/ two yr old). As you can see they were not really into it, yet they really got into jumping on the bed and chasing one another. Lesson I learned- don’t wait for the perfect outfit, perfect location, or perfect anything (all my photog moms know what I am talking about) – if you wait before you know it another month has passed…. just record that moment and ENJOY it! Disclaimer.. this post was not intended to cause mommy guilt to well up in anyone else 🙂 Just suppose to be a friendly reminder!







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