It is a good thing I take my own advice and have someone take our family photo.  It reminds me how hard it is to get a family dressed and in a good mood for family photos. You would think being a photographer that this would be an easy task. NOPE! But I do have some tips…

1. Meet with your photographer ahead of time, discuss what you want out of your photos, the look you are going for (i.e. urban, country, soft, vintage, colorful) Tell her about your family, what you do together as a family, and if there is a specific concern make sure and communicate your concern BEFORE the photo shoot.

2. Capture your life, not perfection. This is how I feel, but you may not agree. Two days before our scheduled shoot my son broke his hand and had a cast put on. I also have 3 of my 5 boys in braces. And I am a good 10 pounds heavier then I would like.  I know many would consider waiting until the cast is off , or all the braces are gone, or you have finally lost those 10 pounds. But should we put off capture that year of photos because we don’t “appear” to be perfect. I say no! Life is short, our kids grow fast, and the unexpected happens. I will always remember this year, the year we lived at the orthodontist, the year we maxed out our out of pocket expenses on our medical insurance, the year I bought P90x and it is still wrapped in shrink wrap, etc. I love that I captured this moment, this “imperfect” time in our life.

3. The clothes. It is one thing to cordinate the outfits, but it is another to get them to wear the outfit. My friend Lynn wrote a great blog article about how to dress for family photos, check it out here. I also have an album of “what to wear” style boards on my Facebook page, while you are there feel free to “like” my page.

4. Relax.. convince yourself that this will be fun, tell your family it will be fun, plan a fun outing for after the photos, don’t threaten, just enjoy! Let the photographer make jokes, do the posing, and just try to enjoy it. I always love it when my clients say, wow! that wasn’t that bad!


I hope this helps, here is a quick peek of our photos..thanks to my great friend Bev who took these. I have more I will share later.



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