So a little thing about me (I know you really don’t care ūüôā I have a super, duper, forever long to do list! One of the things on the to do list is to make a marketing video. I really want clients to feel like they know a little about me and the whole photography experience they receive when they hire me. So earlier this summer I found a great website Startup Princess, the website helps women entrepreneurs network, connect, and build their business. I found out they hold an annual conference in Salt Lake called Touchpoint. Part of the conference is a video marketing competition. So I thought, great I want to do a video and I ABSOLUTELY need a deadline or it will never be crossed off my to do list. I did not go into it thinking I had any chance to be recognized in this competition. I contacted a good friend of mine, Andy from Kaluna productions. He agreed to do it, but he did not realize how much I HATE being in front of the camera, duh that is why I am a photographer, right- seriously I talk with my eyes closed when I am nervous and in most still pics I have my eyes half open- is there a pill I can take for that??

So Andy puts up with me and we get hours of tapes, he edited it down to two minutes and now it is at the top of my blog. I turned it in to the judges for the video competition and guess what??? nope did not win, but I did get an honorable mention. Really I was shocked, marketing is not my thing. I won a free two day pass to the Startup Princess annual conference, Touchpoint. I am so excited, they have some great speakers coming! And I am hoping to meet some of twitter friends. Since you can see the video at the top of the blog… I thought I would show you my blooper reel. A couple of things, I don’t take myself very seriously and I fully embrace my dorkiness (my teen boys hate that about me) and we totally suffered out in that field- we were eaten alive by the mosquitoes, oh and that thing on my back is a huge reflector and I was doing my best impression of Raptor running through a field from Jurassic Park. Again with the dorkiness.

Oh and I learned you have to give yourself a deadline because you never know what life is going to throw at you next. Two days after submitting the video we received our newborn foster daughter, and my professional life as been put aside. Thanks Andy for helping me getting this done. Oh and I do claim a few of the boys in the video as my own -especially that adorable blonde who kept his eyes closed!

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