This came across my desk this morning and I had to do something to help this baby girl. Have the Kleenex ready when you read the blog. How often do we take our children’s health for granted- I know I do.

This is Mia’s story.
Mia has been patiently holding on for the past 3 months. But, she’s one of 8 babies in the Seattle Children’s Hospital on the Washington waiting list. In order to put Mia on other waiting lists, the McDonalds need $450,000.00 up front for the heart transplant. Sadly their insurance is falling short of paying for the surgeries and health care Mia has already received.

Please help out in anyway you can. Every dollar helps.

My heart aches for this family, and I just cry every time I read a new post on their family blog.

You can go to this link to read up on Baby Mia and donate

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