Well it has happened only 1 of our 5 boys still gets dressed up for Halloween. Only 1 boy to cheer on during the school Halloween parade and only 1 to chase through the neighborhood- which is good because I am getting to old to keep up with the little ones.

When you have all boys you miss out on all things pink and fairy like. This year was no exception. My youngest wanted to be a zombie! I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, but my younger 4 boys have never seen the show. So I am not quite sure how he decided on the idea of being a zombie. But hey I will play! The costume was store bought (thanks Target) and I did my best with the makeup.

I of course saw an opportunity to take my son down to some empty lots and closed street to do a photo session- he only lasted 15 minutes and this is what we got. Happy Halloween everyone! Utahcountyphotographer_Imagesbyjami_0124





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