So I had a short getaway this weekend, yup just me, no hubby or kiddos. I was able to go visit my two sisters and a former college roomate in Arizona where it was 80 degrees! Sun, no haze, it was beautiful. I got to hang out with my sisiters and then I got to meet up with my former college roomate who I hadn’t seen since my wedding 15 years ago. So I found these old pictures, wow life flies by fast! Enjoy a blast from my past…
Hey Lis, remeber how we thought we were “hotties inYellowstone ;}” Hey Beth, I’ll still be your babysitter, love always your big sis J

Wendy look how cute the cannon center food made us! Wow how far we’ve come, or not?

thanks gals for a superb weekend!
Boys I’m home……….


  • Thanks for staying with me!! It took the edge off this hard week. I has a fabulous time…we must do more often! ūüôā Maybe Blaine and the kiddos should come next time too. ūüôā

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