Two days ago I helped my oldest son register for his senior year of High School. Not only did that make me feel old but I think the worst thing was realizing I only have a year and half left with him home. I started thinking have I taught him all that he needs to know, could he really live on his own, or will he be safe? He has grown into a great young man! He also has a great group of friends, which I am so grateful for. A couple weeks ago he went with a group of his friends to our high school’s Winter Waltz. I had them come to the studio and we cranked up Pandora, turned on the bubble machine, put up some newspaper backdrops and had fun….I think Nick thought I had to much fun, as the girls invited me to tag along for the rest of the night. – of course I said “I have a cup of hot chocolate, a pair of pajama pants and a dvr full of shows waiting for me..yep super exciting” ūüėČ


  • I was almost to the end of my comment when I
    Lost the screen. I don’t know if any of it went through to you so I will try again. I have just spent over 2 hours on your sight. your work is awesome! I did this type of photography for 20 years. I didn’t know anyone had the gift and love for work like you do anymore. studio lights are all bolted to the floor anymore so any kid can go on and take pictures. I have people seem happy really bad work that it discourages me. I am currently disabled in a power chair so this is only in my memory now but it was great when I did . I wish you the very best. This is a true talent not everyone behind a camera can do this kind of work it requires
    Love and passion for the work.


  • Thanks Joanne, that is so nice of you! I still feel like I have so much to learn. You are very kind, thanks so much!

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