I just spent the last week in Arizona. I was able to attend an amazing, life changing business workshop, spent time with my sister and her family, and had 2 photo shoots. It was 75-80 degrees each day, in DECEMBER!!! I so want a second home in Phoenix (dream big, right?)- my sister says it is because I only come in the fall and winter, if I came in the summer I would not feel the same. Here are some pics from one the families and a couple of my sister with her daughter.

My sister and her daughter..


  • Jami! Thank you again for the fun pictures! Love them! And the pictures of your sister and little niece are gorgeous! I still can not believe all of her hair! Please send me a link to your paypal so I can pay you for the overnight postage. Sorry I forgot to send it with the card. Crazy colors on my card?!? I forgot to convert to CMYK (although it should not have made THAT huge of a difference)- but I didn’t have time to reprint. Next year we need to shoot in September ūüôā Love you!

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