So I am starting a new entry every Friday, called Fridays Rock! We all look forward to Fridays and I always love to share things with my friends that “rock”. For instance yesterday my 5 yr old said “you know mom boys rock!” I had to agree. So every Friday I will share with you some things i have found that *rock*
Today it is my friend Kristen Kalp of Essential Imagery, her photos *rock* her heart *rocks* check out giving is awesome and her sense of humor *rocks* check this out Girls do you need a new purse or would you like an awesome portrait session with photos that will become art on your wall?

Portrait v. purse from Kristen Kalp on Vimeo.

Happy Friday!

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  • Haunani is appalled that so many people have viewed this video, and will be making a hair appointment before we shoot the next few. (lol.)

    Thanks for sharing, and for declaring my ‘rock’edness to the world!! ūüôā

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