I might go blind sitting in front of my computer anymore and my right hand is in a permanent “mouse grip” ūüôā Not really but it does feel like that this time of year! So the weather gods have been sending Utah photographers some AMAZING weather this season. All my Utah photog friends, do you remember last spring or last fall- every single weekend was wet, wet, and cold. This year has been…. AWESOME! So here are a few fun photos from a recent shoot. I am tired and should post more but I have “tivo ed” the new series “V” (yes I am a true ’80’s child) and I need to go veg!

Ok I love 2yr olds- they usually do not want their photo taken, but they are always photogentic and fun. This cutie was like “please get me outta here”


Aren’t these colors wonderful and how bout that sun! My 9yr old just asked how come he can never jump on the couch..hmm..because you aren’t this cute ūüôā

which one?


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