Sometimes I get questions about the flow of my family sessions. Recently I had a family that needed photos and we decided to so them at the Salt Lake Capitol while the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Despite it being a weekday and spring break, the place was hopping.

The first thing I do is to try and get “the shot” you know the one, the one that will hang over your fireplace or put on your Christmas cards.

I try to get a couple of poses of “the shot” sometimes it works- other times we let the energy flow-especially with boys. But I believe this is how you capture each of the boys personalities at this stage in their lives!



Then it is usually time just to take a break and see what happens.


And of course when that sweet light hits, I strive to get some candid fun photos with the beautiful sun streaming through.


While I did not post these, we also do individuals of all the kids! Because lets face it, those school photos just are not that great. And at the end, you just know when you are done!!! Thanks Meine boys for playing all my silly games! Cass your family is beautiful! Love my boy families!

This is in between bribes, smarties, and the end of shoot- and why was there someone to the left taking photos of us- weird!!!


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