A Tribute to one amazing wonderful Grandmother

My life

If you read my blog regularly, you will know a few things about me 1.) my spelling and grammar need improvement- hey I take pictures, not write books. 2.)I do not write books, but my life is an open book, I like to share my life. 3.) I love Utah and the little bit of … Read More

I’m in a daze…. what helps?

My life

Wow we have had some crazy things going on in our family, some good some bad. I have had to travel twice in the last 12 days, have seen 5 airports and been gone 8 of those last 12 days. I am home for a while until December. Anyway I am working around the clock … Read More

Braces Off! Fridays Rock

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So my oldest just finished two years of braces and I had to give a shout out to our orthodontist, Dr.Reid Swenson in Lehi Utah. Their office has been awesome to work with. They showed off their “awesomeness” when we showed up for the last appointment. Right before we arrived my two year got car … Read More

Fridays Rock! “It is that time..”

My life

Ok so I am semi obsessed with marketing and commercials. I love seeing creativity, probably because I wish I was more creative. I also love, love, love back to school time. I am the first to admit that I am a better mom when my kids are in school (hat’s off to all my home … Read More