This past Tuesday I had my TV on while getting the kids ready for school and while “attempting” to get caught up on laundry. A story came on about “mean moms” basically it was about moms being “mean” to other moms through social networking sites. I could not believe it… 1) I am pretty sure these women know they are being mean, and did not need to be “informed” by the press nor have their deeds be glamourized by a so called news organization. 2) why is this news? My thoughts turned to all the women, moms, friends, grandmothers, sisters, etc that I know that go about their day doing good… not doing harm. The press should do stories on all the good that happens in the world. Then the thought occured to me that it would not make the news because these are not women who go out and do good to get attention. These are women who quietly go about their day serving their family, their neighbors, friends, country and God. They are not out searching for ways to get attention, and they are definately not out to be on the news or star in a disgusting reality show. They are just doing what is right. Yet they are the ones who should be praised.

That same day I was able to witness some of these women in action. I had been asked to photograph a service project going on at BYU’s Women’s Conference. I knew it was a BIG project, but I did not realize the scope of the project until I arrived on the first day to photograph the set up. See these wonderful men and women are putting together over 7,000 newborn kits. Each kit has clothing, blankets, diapers, soap, and safety pins. The kits are shipped out by LDS Humanitarian Services to countries who experience natural disasters or who are 3rd world countries. When I arrived I saw a group of 30 teenage boys and a dozen men loading boxes off pallets, taping boxes together (900 boxes), lifting, moving, etc. All the heavy duty stuff for these kits were done in less then 45 minutes. Then the women stepped in to count the boxes that had been moved to make sure all the supplies were gathered so the kits could be put together. I felt bad, as I had the easy job- taking photos, so I put my camera down and was able to use my great math skills (wink 😉 as a 3 time Math 100 student) and help count- wow we had over 30,000 diapers (I had to count the boxes 3 times before we finally had the final and correct number- yep I am a college graduate… believe it……or not?) Then the discovery was made that the safety pins had not been counted and seperated correctly- you do the math on this one… if we have 30,000 diapers how many safety pins do you think we counted? But the best part was that no one complained they all just stepped in and we worked until it was done. I just kept thinking about how amazing these women are to serve and pull off a project like this, and I thought of their families and their husbands who took care of things while these women were serving their fellow man.

Tonight I am off to photograph the assembly of the newborn kits. I can’t wait to see the throngs of women willing to spend their Thursday nights in service. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this, thanks Julie for asking me!

Here is a quick video of pictures from Tuesday night’s set up… See you at the Smithfield House tonight!


  • Wonderful job Jami! I loved the video and all of your pictures. You are so talented and I am so grateful to have you as a friend! Luv ya! 🙂

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