So my oldest just finished two years of braces and I had to give a shout out to our orthodontist, Dr.Reid Swenson in Lehi Utah. Their office has been awesome to work with. They showed off their “awesomeness” when we showed up for the last appointment. Right before we arrived my two year got car sick and filled our van with smelly chunks of milk (is that to graphic?) I had to strip him down to his diaper while I sent my oldest upstairs to get to his appointment. By the time I got upstairs their whole staff was waiting for me prepared with many towels and cleaning supplies. -What I really needed was a hose- However I was able to de chunk our van well enough to get home and “hose down” the car seat and bathe the two yr old. Every day an adventure! Dr Swenson and his office rock- just check out these great teeth!

I love this t-shirt he received when the braces came off- funny thing he is probably the only nearly 15 yr old with no cell phone.



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