Ok so I am a sucker for a good love story. And this is a great one! I was honored when my cousin Ashley asked me to photograph her wedding. They were getting married in December. They have the best love story, so I am going to try to do my best to tell the story with some of the pictures I took from the wedding day.

A long time ago (around 20 years or so) a beautiful girl was born to these cute parents…


They named her Ashley and she grew up in Oregon with two brothers and a sister.



Meanwhile a handsome young man named Kyle was born into this wonderful family.


Ashley and Kyle met in High School. They began to date and went off to college at Oregon State (gooooo beavers, except when playing BYU 🙂 that’s for you Ashley) Ashley was a star volleyball player for OSU (read a great article about her here). After a couple of years of college Kyle went to selflessly serve a mission for our church in Finland. In Finland he met and became great friends with these guys (who where also serving missions in Finland)

This is the great group of young men who served in Finland with Kyle (as I talked to them about their missions I just kept thinking that these boys must have amazing moms who raised them right)



So while Ashley was finishing up her degree and rocking the PAC10 with her volleyball skills, Kyle was finishing up his mission. He returned in August and they were engaged shortly after his return. Sometimes you can just tell when two people are meant to be together. This is how I felt when I was around Ashley and Kyle. We spent the day before their wedding taking some pictures at the two venues where they were married and had their reception. I highly recommend anyone who is getting married to consider doing a pre wedding shoot. Much more relaxed and you will end up with some great photos. Here are a few from the day before.




Their reception was at the Oregon Golf Club (I was so impressed with this place, it was beautiful and the staff was so great to work with) We did some pics on the golf carts. So I thought this would be a great place for a bouquet and ring shot. Yes that is sun- in Oregon- in December!





And they lived happily ever after!



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