I adore this family. They were some of my first clients, Lori ran the preschool were my boys went, and we love to chat about the rewards and challanges of raising kids. Her family is growing, in the past couple of years she has had a son in law and daughter in law join the family, and six months ago her first grandson was born (how adorable is he?) Sadly her married kiddos are off to new careers and graduate school. So she called me to get in one last family session before her son and daughter moved out of state. I asked her to tell me a few things others might not know about her family. Many of my readers know this family, but did you know..

1. They speak the following languages in their family Italian, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, French, English, and Babytalk!

2. When Matt & Lori met almost 30 years ago, it was ‘love at first sight’  (really, it was!)
3.Heather was Stephen’s 9th grade ‘crush’- I believe they did not date until late into their college career
4. Taylor & Megan met in China on a study abroad.
5. Even though there is almost 5 years between them, Holly & Hannah are very best friends!
Lori I hope you enjoy your photos!

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