I started off the year trying to be better about capturing my own life. I did pretty well for a few weeks..isn’t that how it always goes? Then Instagram was released for Android phones..woot!woot! (You can follow my Instagram feed, my user name is Imagesbyjami) And I just started posting daily photos to Instagram, but while those photos look great on phones or as thumbnails on Facebook, I still want to have my family’s life documented and documented as art. I did not want each slice of our life to have a funny filter applied to the whole picture, have lots of grain, or only be square pictures. So alas I come back to my “Glimpse” project and capturing the moments in my family’s life, the moments that make my heart sing.

This week’s Glimpse is a series of photos of my youngest. Of my 5 boys I only have 1 that will still take baths. Not only will he take them..he actually WANTS to take them. (if you have boys you know getting boys to WANT to take a bath/shower can be difficult) I will miss bath time..there is nothing like snuggling with a clean smelling little boy. So I wanted to make sure and document this part of my life before it slips away.

Sometimes it is fun to watch from a far..

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