These last few weeks we have been able to spend a TON of time with my husband’s family. I adore my nieces and nephews. They are the most amazing examples to my boys (my husband is the youngest in the family so most, not all, of the nieces and nephews are older then my kiddos) Thursday my niece Amy got married. It was an amazing event at the Salt Lake Temple, luncheon at The Lion House, and wedding reception at The Willow Creek Country Club. Here is a small sampling of the days events! We love ya Grant and Amy!

My beautiful nieces! Which one will be next…. things that make you say hmmmmm!

Mother of the Bride, just joyous!

my feet hurt so bad! So off with my shoes!

Not looking so happy…why do our mother’s drag us to these things!

Cousins comparing ties! Sooo cute!


  • I can’t believe how grown-up all the cousins are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my! Beautiful pictures! They look so cute!

  • These are beautiful. It looks like such a happy wedding. I really like the third photo you have posted here. If I were Amy and Grant, that would be my favorite of this set. Great work!

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