So who wants to hear a story? I’m sure you are saying “I do, I do!” if not just skip ahead and take a peek at this cute family. Ok so here is the scoop. Forever ago.. I won’t say how forever ago as to give away our ages… but a long time ago…I left Oregon to attend BYU in Utah. My freshmen year I lived on campus and met the most amazing group of friends. We knew how to have fun… maybe too much?? But I watched and learned from their examples, I watched them balance work, school, church, etc. just a great group of friends. Through the years we have all moved on with marriage, careers, and kids. I have kept in touch with many of them. (over the pass month I have taken photos of three gals who lived in the dorms that year- weird, huh?) One of my friends from freshmen year, is this cute gal. We ended up being roomates the following year. Tricia and I have kept in touch throughout the years. I am pretty sure she wears a supermom cape under her clothes. She is just an amazing mom.. she has six kiddos, which she home schools, she is a super talented seamstress, homemaker, and has quite the singing voice (she actually sung at my wedding reception..again forever ago) Her and her husband have lived all over the country and I was so excited when I found out they moved back to Utah, right next to my in laws- small world! I was even more excited when she asked me if I could take their family photos. We had so much fun! Thanks Tricia for such a fun night- hope you like your photos!







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