So two of my boys are 4 years and 6 days apart. They both have birthdays the beginning of July. This year the older of the two, Mason was turning 8- this is a big deal in our church because that is when they decide to be baptized. Anyway we had planned birthday parties and tried to planned the baptism. We ended up having to wait to do the baptism until August because so many family members were out of town on the fourth, this ended up being a good thing, becuase of the following story.

Seriously things happen in my life that you just couldn’t even make up. It was the morning of Mason (the first of the two birthday’s) birthday. He woke up with a slight fever. As the day progressed the fever got worse. We kept our fingers crossed that it would improve for his birthday party with his friends the next day. No such luck, his fever continued to worsen and we had to cancel the party, which was a bummer because we had a bunch of tickets to take the boys to see the BYU men’s soccer game. The next day was Sunday and his fever was very high and would not respond to Motrin. So off to the ER on a Sunday we went, by this time he was complaining of belly pain and had become very very sleepy. This was Mason in the ER.. how sad is his little face..

He got his very first IV, which was not fun, but the pain meds and the anti nausea drugs felt “really good” so good he said he was better. During this time he had also developed a cough, so the doctors did a chest xray and sure enough he had pnuemonia. (head’s up parents, many kids think they have belly pain, but it is really chest pain). So after a long day at the hospital (and no diet coke for mom ūüôĀ we were released and went home. To my suprise as soon as I walked in the door my husband informed me our soon to be 4 yr old (the other July birthday) had severe belly pain and could not walk. But he had no fever. Come to find out he had eaten at least 10 pieces of gum, one right after the other in a very short period of time. Gum DOES NOT digest. We called poison control and they told us he could have a bowel obstruction and needed to get to a hospital. REALLY.. I had to turn around and put Mitch in the car and head right back down to the hospital. You should have seen the look on the ER staff when they saw me walking back in.. they said umm.. “we just cleaned your room, why don’t you head on back” Nice now we have our own ER room. The other comments were “how many kids do you have?” “who gave your 3 yr old a whole pack of gum?” (his mom to reward him..duh.. mother of the year, who wants to nominate me). They took Mitch back and gave him an xray to see where the mass of gum was. The xray tech “you look familiar” – ha ha! Thank goodness it had not caused a bowel obstruction, but a sugerless gum releases gases into your gut and he had one of the biggest bubbles of gas in his little stretch of intestines, and it just needed to pass. So I told the doctor, “Basically your telling me that he needs to pass a $1000 dollar fart,” the doctor laughed and sent us home. By this time it was 11 pm and we were all so tired, but the boys were feeling much better.

We decided to reschedule the birthday parties and celebrate the birthdays on the same day, something I swore I would never do. So you would think this would be the end of the story, right? WRONG! See we have this chocolate fountain, and I hate the thing, the mess the cleaning, etc. But all the boys wanted at their party was to have the chocolate fountain instead of a cake. So we did the fountain outside.. and it took less then a few minutes for the thing to be accidently tipped over and to have the dog walking through chocolate on the ground, picture chocolate footprints all over my house, kids covered in chocolate all over their shirts, and boys crying that it had tipped over. On top of this we had pre purchased movie tickets and needed to get a whole van of boys (in clean clothes to a movie in less then a half hour) can you say CHAOS! I will let the pictures speak for themselves- yes of course I grabbed my camera..

Pre tipping of the chocolate fountain

The boys with the dog while they were still clean..

Then the CHAOS..

Meanwhile my “helpful” 16yr old was on the lounge chair wearing his “awosomeness” very helpful ūüôā

It all ended well… but it was a couple of crazy days. I am so glad my boys are all healed and we were still able to pull off a great birthday party and for the stories that make our lives so colorful. I always say “I have one crazy blessed life!”

I have to end with a couple of Mason’s 8 yr old pictures we took a couple of days before he got sick..


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