Ok so I realized the other day that I need to update friends and family more frequently on what we are up to. It seems like just yesterday when the boys started another year of school- but it has been over two months. So here is part one of an update and a little bragging on my part- I will update on the other two boys when I get some more photos of them edited.

First one funny thing that J (our 8yr old) said. He was asked to say the prayer before dinner. Blaine was gone at a church appointment (this happens quite often as part of his calling as a LDS Bishop for our church) In the prayer J says “please bless dad … (long pause) where ever he is.”
So goes our life.

Brag time,
Baby “M” figured out where his tummy is this week. I know this might not be big. But when he is your last baby you want to take in and celebrate every first in their life. One of these days I hope to brag that he finally sleeps through the night, not yet-ugh

Big “N” is currently playing two different instruments in two different bands at the Jr. High. He even achieved being named first chair clarinet. However I only have pics of him playing his sax because that is the “cool” instrument. He also has a part in the school play, Romeo and Juliet.

Ok, now a little brag time for not only our 11 yr old, but a whole group of 11 yr olds. “T” plays for a club soccer team- Champions FC. These boys trained all summer and fall together and have had a great fall season. They play in the Premier division ( the top division in State play). Over the past two weeks they have played in the state tournament. This week, after winning all their prelim games, they won the quarter final game in overtime and sadly loss in the semi finals 3-1. They are such a great group of boys and have worked so hard to get that far in the tournament.
“T” plays goalie, and if the team is up by enough points he gets to come out and play in the field.
Way to go boys! #00 – he is a keeper!


  • jami that goal shot is amazing! and i was just adoring those preschool pictures, they are awesome, i especially like the one of that little guy and his tongue sticking out. how cute is that!

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