Wow! Where have the past four weeks gone. It has been a whirlwind around here. We just barely took down our xmas decorations (actually my husband took everything down, he was tired of looking at it). Our Christmas was wonderful, we spent time with family and friends. It was also wonderful to have Christmas on a Sunday and to be able to go to Church on Christmas…what a blessing. Our Christmas was actually simple this year, which was very very nice. We gave our kiddos a trip to Southern California for Christmas (I know what you are saying, a trip is not simple) but the amount of gifts opened was very small and it was just good for us as a family to enjoy one another. As many of you know this past year has been a hard one for our family. It was so nice to concentrate on each other and spend time with one another. Here is just a glimpse of our Christmas…read on to hear about our adventures after xmas.

The day after xmas “the Griswalds” aka The Edmans hit the road for Anaheim. While we were loading the car, Mason started throwing up..we weren’t even on the road yet! (There is something about being in our van that makes our kids puke, that’s why we named it the vomit comet!- and it lived up to it’s name on this trip. We also had vomiting in the hotel and an awful “are we in the exorcist movie” vomit fest at Mimi’s cafe trying to celebrate my Dad’s birthday) But I digress, we were traveling to So Cal to meet up with my side of the family for a mini family reunion and to watch my oldest son march in the Rose Parade. We learned the hard way not to hit Vegas at dinner time the night after a holiday. It took us 4 hours to get to Barstow, Ca! At least the little ones fell asleep and missed my little rants about traffic ūüôā

Our first few days in Cali were spent in Disneyland. It was so fun to be there with my sisters and parents, my husband did not think this was so much fun ūüôĀ He is not a fan of crazy busy overpacked amusement park that costs a mortgage payment just to get the 7 of us in the park… I turned to him and asked “don’t you feel the magic?” that is when I get the eye roll! The highlight of our days in Disney was watching the American Fork Marching Band march in the FantasyLand Parade. Check out a few pics..

The kiddo in the upper right..yep he is mine..he was trying really hard to ignore his crazy mom running down Disney’s Main Street screaming his name! (yeah I was kicked off Main St twice!) Dang it I just realized I only have a year left to embarrass him ūüôĀ

The finale of our trip was watching..or in our case with our little ones “surviving” the Rose Parade. We had awesome friends who camped out and saved our little family a spot right on Colorado BLVD to watch the Parade. It is was such a privilage for the American Fork Band to march in the Rose Parade. Two years ago our band was involved in a bus accident, sadly the woodwind teacher was killed in the more here. Heather’s goal was to get the band to the Rose Parade. The band proudly marched in honor of their teacher. It was a moving experience.

I am so proud or our band! And proud of my son, who has worked so hard to be a part of this great band the pass 3 years. As great as it was to watch my son march, it was hard for my four younger boys. It was hot and sitting on blankets on hot concrete just did not seem fun for them. They did love the amazing floats.. but by the time the band got to us (they were entry 81 out of 90 entries) my boys were DONE! As you can see Mitch just laid down and gave up on waiting to see his brother, Jarrett wore his grumpy hat from Disneyland.. which could not have been more perfect for him. And Tyler as usual decide to be annoying with his horn, and Mason just stood there and took it. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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  • How fun you were able to go see your son in the parade, back when I was in high school my marching band had the same honor and all these years later those are still some of my fondest high school memories!

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