A few weeks after getting our foster baby, I remembered I had signed up for Kenneth Linge’s Photographing People Part 1 workshop. I did not think it would work out to go. But becuase I am married to the best husband! He told me to go and enjoy the day while he took care of things at home. It was the first time I had put on makeup and done my hair and got out of sweats in three weeks. Wow that felt good!

I am so glad I got to go! I learned so much about lighting subjects, indoors and outdoors and at different times of day. I also learned a ton about using reflectors the right way. Every year I try to go to a few workshops to continue to learn my craft. Someday in the new future I will write a post about how to choose a good workshop that will work for you and your level of photography. Until then enjoy these photos! (Kenneth brought a beautiful model in who spent the entire day with us and he set up these shots- he is a master!- oh and is wife is pretty dang good herself ūüôā

Here is the same image with some added photoshop…

The model’s pictures turned out beautiful as black and whites… don’t ya think?

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  • oh james – these pictures are beautiful! Yes, the black & whites are especiallt awesome! You are amazing!!!! And I LOVE your video – it’s so fun! ūüôā love and hugs!

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