A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph a couples family at their 60th wedding Anniversary. They have a very very large family, something fairly common in Utah. It was fun to spend the evening with them and get to know their family. As it turns out I knew quite a few members of their family from school, the community, and soccer teams. They also had an amazing backyard which made my job much easier. Thanks for inviting me to your special evening!

Also a special thanks to my great friend Amy. I have been plagued with equipment and software issues and she has literally saved me so manhy times. Last night I was trying so hard to get these pictures done and my software kept freezing on me. I was having one of those “why do I do this? it is not worth the stress” moments. She listened to me and help me come up with a temporary solution. Amy thanks! You are the best!

The special couple- Congrats!





The last photo of the night- we had to do one silly one!


  • Jami, I’m soooo glad it worked for you! You did an incredible job with this HUGE group. I love how you used the swing set- really cool!

  • LOVE the swingset picture of the H’s. It’s so them.

    I have a sweet memory of the grandpa in this family bringing me the sacrament when I was in the hospital my new baby in April. It was a neat experience and I really appreciated that act of service.

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