Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was wonderful with lots of time with family. I always seem to reflect on the past year. I started to think about what we were doing 6 months ago. I had no idea what was about to come around the corner. How all of t he sudden my hectic life would become 10x more hectic then I ever thought possible. How I would watch my cute little family come together to help a helpless newborn. So much has changed, we have changed and have learned so much about giving more then you ever thought you were possible of giving. 6 months ago almost seems like a lifetime ago, probably because it was a different life back in June. Last June we traveled to Southern California to celebrate my in laws 50th anniversary. We had the time of our life mainly hanging on the beach! The weather was soooo perfect! We hit disneyland, seaworld, and a few favorite shopping spots. Of course I did some photo shoots for family members. So as I reminisced I went through some of the photos from that trip. They bring back a very warm (we are freezing here in Utah) and unforgettable trip!

How cute are my “grown up” nieces and nephews. Some of them were little babies at my wedding! Love you guys!

My younger nieces and nephews! Love you guys too!

My boys loved playing football on the beach with their cousins… so much I made a video of all the photos I took while they played.

So I love to lay in the sun..with my Ipod, Coke, and lots of blankets..I like to be very hot! Can’t believe I am putting this on the blog. My sister in law took this pic.

While everyone else looked like normal sunbathers

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