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The other day I was itching to get out and shoot. I asked my friend if she wanted to do a photoshoot with her son Ethan. He was game and we decided to head out to Utah Lake. (note to self , bring bug spray) Ethan was a trooper, I like the grungy feel of the photos, if you know Ethan you know these really represent him well. He is a junior at Lone Peak High School, throws the Javelin for LPHS track, and his favorite thing to do is make people laugh. He also is a great guitar player and happens to be left handed! I have a feeling he will be very successful in life!

PS I am still booking for 2017 Seniors and 2018 Seniors (2018 class – August and September is the best time to do photos- Everything is still green and the sun is out!) 

Why should you have your HS senior photos taken in the Fall? Now is the time for Senior photos- why? Weather- it is so much easier to work around weather in the fall, in the spring it is so cold and rainy all the way into May. 2. Colors- it is much more colorful in Utah in the fall (just check out the photos below), in the spring the colors do not usually begin to show until end of April.  3. You have your photos all year to share, and they are done- one less thing to worry about when you are cramming at the end of your senior year. 4.Rock your new back to school wardrobe! 5. It is so hard to get a shoot in the spring, when photographers get  swamped in the spring- book now! Enjoy the weather and the longer daytime hours! I have a few openings left for this fall- email me at to book your senior session today!


Meet Mandy! She is the sweetest girl and we had the best time hiking around the hills of Utah County! She is a senior at American Fork High School and is really enjoying her senior year! Mandy’s mom says the following ten words describe Mandy…









Enjoy your senior year Mandy!




How to Prepare for Your Fall Family Photo Session

Autumn is one of the most popular months of the year for portrait sessions. After all, nature is doing its thing with all those vibrant colors, plus you get a chance to really play up your wardrobe with accessories in the crisp weather. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare.

1. Make use of accessories and clothing that play up the “autumn” feeling. For example, opt for leather boots, cable knit scarves and comfy cardigans look amazing on the whole family and can really bring a picture to life. Tip: neutrals do really well in the fall against all that foliage.

2. Timing is everything. Start paying attention to that shift in weather as summer melts into fall. Once the leaves start changing, call up Images by Jami and book a session. I know that I like to plan fall sessions, so chances are I’ve got a session ready for you.

3. Location is everything. If it’s autumn, you better believe we’re playing outside in the gorgeous weather. I have a lot of locations to choose from that have particularly pretty backdrops. I’m also open to your suggestions.

4. Plan for a mid-afternoon to early-evening session, when the light is just gorgeous. The days are shorter in the fall, so we need to plan accordingly to get that golden hour light.

5. Play in the environment. Chances are there are leaves on the ground or a few buds lingering around. I may have you throw leaves up into the air or something similar. Remember, this shoot is all about capturing your family bond and having fun, so let loose and get into the season!

6. Pack the necessities. It can get chilly in autumn, so you may want to bring some necessities on hand. I recommend a lip balm, moisturizer, warm packs for your hands, tissues, and, of course, warm apparel.

7. Wear comfortable shoes and accessories. Since we’re going to be outside, we’ll probably do lots of walking. If those boots look amazing, but kill your feet, scratch them. If the scarf looks adorable on Timmy, but it’s scratches his face and makes him unhappy, it’s better left at all.

I hope that helps, and to get you inspired here are some shots from one of my favorite clients and the photos we did at her session! (PS this is a new location I found this fall, those who have booked me in the past I do have new locations this year)


Happy one week anniversary to this cute couple. Ted and Caroline love each other and I loved watching their families come together and share in that love. They are both the youngest in their families, so it was a big celebration. Caroline shared a small part of their love story……

Ted and I met at our ward’s first big activity at Rock Canyon Park. As my roommates and I were walking down the hill to get to the activity we saw these guys kicking a soccer ball around and asked them if we could join. Then we started a pick up soccer game and my team kicked Ted’s team’s trash!
The next day I found out that Ted was my home teacher (I know, typical Provo story haha). I started to hang out with Ted and his roommates, Chase, Bryson, and Mike alot. Ted would invite me to things because it was his home teaching duty. We would play pick up soccer a lot. I actually went on a group date with Ted but Ted’s roommate, Chase, was my date. Ted, might I also say, liked my roommate and I totally knew it. So, I was surprised when after the group date he called me to ask me on a date. After that, we hung out everyday, watching basketball, The Walking Dead, or playing soccer.
I think we went on two more dates before we were official in November. It was only three dates total, but we saw each other most everyday in between .
So sweet! The wedding took place at the Salt Lake LDS Temple, followed by lots of photos, and then a small dinner reception at the Alta Club in downtown Salt Lake.
Her mother in law made the bridal gown- it was gorgeous, my pictures don’t do it justice. The florals were done by Every Blooming ThingCVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0169CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0170CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0171CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0176CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0172CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0173CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0174CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0175CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0177CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0179CVwomensCenterBabiesMay_Imagesbyjami_0178

It is happening….two of the boys have left the nest. There are 3 left, and my baby will soon be 9. People tell you it goes by fast. It didn’t seem fast when they were all little, and the nights when they were all sick or just awake. But once they were all in school, time moved much faster!

I love this quote..“Parents rarely let go of their children, so children let go of them. They move on. They move away. The moments that used to define them – a mother’s approval, a father’s nod – are covered by moments of their own accomplishments. It is not until much later, as the skin sags and the heart weakens, that children understand; their stories, and all their accomplishments, sit atop the stories of their mothers and fathers, stones upon stones, beneath the waters of their lives.”
? Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven 

I have worked hard and my business has kept me busy. But I don’t want to forget this time with young children. I love watching them grow and develop. They are passionate about life, school, family and their friends. So I had an idea the other morning to run out and do a very quick shoot with my youngest. This was the result…



Sometimes I get questions about the flow of my family sessions. Recently I had a family that needed photos and we decided to so them at the Salt Lake Capitol while the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Despite it being a weekday and spring break, the place was hopping.

The first thing I do is to try and get “the shot” you know the one, the one that will hang over your fireplace or put on your Christmas cards. CassFinals2016-22

I try to get a couple of poses of “the shot” sometimes it works- other times we let the energy flow-especially with boys. But I believe this is how you capture each of the boys personalities at this stage in their lives!


Then it is usually time just to take a break and see what happens.


And of course when that sweet light hits, I strive to get some candid fun photos with the beautiful sun streaming through.


While I did not post these, we also do individuals of all the kids! Because lets face it, those school photos just are not that great. And at the end, you just know when you are done!!! Thanks Meine boys for playing all my silly games! Cass your family is beautiful! Love my boy families!

This is in between bribes, smarties, and the end of shoot- and why was there someone to the left taking photos of us- weird!!!


I met Tricia our freshmen year at BYU back in 1991- man we are old Tricia. She has a love for life and for everyone she meets, it is so genuine. At the end of our freshmen year we decided to find an apartment together and be roomies our second year. (this is where I could insert some crazy embarrassing photos- just think two thin girls with dark curly and very BIG hair, like crazy BIG) Tricia and the other two roommates had to put up with me- I am so sorry Tricia, Jen, and Heather. I was literally so messy, went to bed early and did not like lots of noise. No longer messy (most of the time) going to be early- YES! Anyway I was engaged by the end of my Sophomore year, and I asked Tricia sang at my wedding, she has the most beautiful voice!

I went on with married life and finishing my degree. Tricia served and LDS mission and came back after 18 months and married Brandon. And then we were both in the middle of having babies and finishing school at BYU. I love that whenever we are apart when we see each other again it is like time has not gone by.

Fast forward to now, she has 7 kids lives up in the mountains and home schools  her kids and cans food, sews her girls dresses…in short she is amazing. I have 5 boys and are thrilled when Monday roles around and they all go to school, I buy things in cans, and got a “C” in jr high sewing-not so amazing. We both have boys out serving LDS mission, and I think we see each other the most at soccer tournaments. Thanks Tricia for being such a wonderful friend and a great example of motherhood and Christlike service. (oh and hiring me to do your photos each year) LOVE you!


I love everything about fall. The crisp air, the bright colors, soccer games (so many soccer games), back to school, halloween, and I love pulling out all my boots- I am slightly obsessed with boots.

I also love having a full schedule of fall family photo shoots. This was one of my favorites this year! It was a little chilly, noses were turning red, we were losing light, but it we GOT IT! UtahFamilyphotographer_Imagesbyjami_0127